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The technical Homologation Fiche of a car is a document of notable importance. It is issued by the Sporting Car Authority when a house decides to ask for the homologation of a car. In the case of the Gr. B, as we well know, to proceed to the homologation was in demand that a car was produced in at least 200 samples in one year. A crew that wanted to participate to a competition with a car must have to have the Homologation Fiche pertinent to that car and it must have to be brought to the technical verifications that preceeded the competition (where it was usually never used) and above all to the possible technical verifications after the competition, that could be performed officially or on application of another competitor in case of suspicious incorrectness. Generally during these verifications, they proceeded to the dismantlement of the car and to the correspondence check of its parts with what was prescribed by the enclosure J (that was the technical rule on the CSAI yearbook) verifying measures and characteristics with the data on the Homologation Fiche. This allowed to verify with the best possible precision the regularity of a car. Generally the Fiche was composed from a basic card that described the road version. This included two photos of 3/4 of the car, the exact engine capacity (correct with an opportune coefficient, if supercharged), the main dimensions and the body weight, the main engine technical details (bore, strocke weight and engine shaft bolts diameter and connecting rods), the feeder type, the dimension of intake and exhaust manifolds, the gearbox type and its layout (of default and optional), all the characteristics of the braking system and, of course, the whole series of detail photos.
There is then a page about the characteristics of the homologated roll-bar cage and, if the car is supercharged, a series of pages with very detailed characteristics (and photo) of the supercharging system (in our case the R10 VOLUMEX COMPRESSOR of the road version).
Then come other pages, called VO (optional variant) and VF (supply variant), containing a detailed list (with dimensions and photos) of the parts of the car that differ from those described in the basic card, because furnished as optional or because coming from different suppliers. All the pieces are generally conceived on purpose for races and the builder of the car can ask for the homologation within precise dates established by the FIA, but almost always the first VO and VF are requested together with the initial homologation.
From the quantity of VO and VF present on the Homologation Fiche can be understood the care profuse for the development of the race car from the builder. The 141 pages of the 037 Fiche make us understand as it has constantly been adjourned and developed during its short but winning career. Particularly, in the first session they have been in demand the following homologations: reinforced engine-gearbox, volumex lobes with external covering, new anti-roll torsion bar, rear suspensions stroke-limiter, reinforced hubs holder and suspension arms, hydraulic handbrake, upgraded brake pliers, pedals with separated and regulable pumps, direct steeringbox, reinforced steering rods, modified steering column, additional frontal fuel tank, reinforced half shafts, electric drop windows and rear double-glazed window (these two only for commercial demands of the road version), intake grides e detachable brake discs. In a second time they have been in demand the homologations as VO of the water injection system for the road version (request then annulled), of the R10 VOLUMEX COMPRESSOR gears with different teeth number, of the fuel tank protections, of new half shafts with aluminum hubs, of other brake pliers and pumps, of other frontal suspension arms.
On 01.08.82 the model EVOLUZIONE-1 (ET - Evolution of the Type) is homologated, with photo of the new car body with adjustable frontal spoiler, of the new power shaft and flywheel, of the new intake manifold with Bosch Kugelfisher type mechanical injectione, finally, of the new more powered R18 VOLUMEX COMPRESSOR. Subsequently, further applications have been requested for new VO and VF homologations about new suspension parts, steering gear, brakes, pumps and oil tanks, oleopneumatic equalizer, other drive gears, a modified rollbar cage now made in titanium, the injection cut-off system, for the front suspensions stroke-limiter, a different steering shock-absorber, a heating system, different sttering columns and, to end, a new exhaust manifold.
The official development of the LANCIA 037 continue then on 01.01.84 with the arrival of the EVOLUZIONE-2 model. For this new model are foreseen a new cilynders bore-stroke with CMC upgrade, a new exhaust manifold and intake, this one provided with a rotating valve in substitution of the throttles that often blocked impeding the return of the accelerator, a new modify for the front tubular frame structure for a new battery lodging, the elimination of the rear bumper and VOLUMEX COMPRESSOR with alluminium lobes. Then, with other VOs, some new brake disks have been homologated (thin and not selfventilating to be used on snowed special stages), an upgraded water injection tank, an interior flow-off (request then annulled), again new suspension arms, a new rear plier brake, other new final drive gears, a new integral gear box (built in an only piece with the spacer) and, from 01.10.1986, a completely new brakes system (the one of the LANCIA DELTA S4). The last homologations have been made finally on 01.01.87, with a new stainless-steel rollbar cage made with diameter of 40 mms tubes (the precedent ones were all of 35 mms) and, on 01.01.88, the engine capacity is again calculated with a new overfeeding coefficient (1,7 against of 1,4) with final increase from 2793 to 3570 cm3. For space matters, it is not clearly possible to reproduce the complete issue of the Homologation Fiche and therefore we will point out the three documents of fundamental importance:the Homologation Fiche and the two extensions for the 037 transformation in Evolution-1 and Evolution-2.


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