.:: "AMARCORD": Back to the past ... ::.

"Amarcord" is a word of the italian dialect, that simply means "I remember". Is a word that belongs to the Italian cinema and precisely it is the title that the "teacher" Federico Fellini gave to one film in which narrated some episodes of his infancy "Amarcord".
Following the ideas of this great director, we want to tell our world and our passion through anecdotes, images, details, feelings, reflections, episodes and facts about the old rallies.
Men's histories, of drivers, of great rally cars able to give emotions that belong to the past. Brief but intense flash, to put in movement the memory mechanism. Our sensation is that today, in a society from the impressive rhythms there is little time to stop to remember. Yet enough indeed little.
It's enough to open your great trunk to look through among thousand memories, thousand feelings, thousand personages, thousand episodes to understand that such contents are a personal treasure of inestimable value.
We want to open this trunk "full of things" making participates of our memories, that in conclusion they are also yours.
We are sure that, reading among the lines, we will be return spectators, appeared and perhaps also protagonists of the matter events, just as in a film of Fellini ...
www.lanciarally037.com is "Amarcord".

The best pictures of Antonio Biasioli.
An Italian victory.
"Even better than the STRATOS...!!!"
RALLY 1000 MIGLIA 1985:
Gli smemorati: tarocchi fuori stagione ...
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