Rally Lana 1983

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There are things in the life, moments, feelings that pass and others that forever remain in the memory. There are passions that everyone nourishes for something and, for the greater part, tied to particular vicissitudes and feelings. So it was also for us. The first time that we saw a LANCIA RALLY 037 was in 1983, that is approximately 20 years ago. The race was the RALLY della LANA, the special stage the one of ROZZO. The clear and fresh summer morning, with a warm sun to the horizon, has strongly contributed to fix in our memory those by now indelible feelings. The place was perfect. Four hairpin curves in sequence, two of them slightly hidden from the green leaves of walnuts trees, and in front of us the entire valley. The beginning of the stage was approximately five kilometers distant, therefore the present people were a little numerous. At 10,30 the buzz of people and the twittering of the birds was interrupted from a dry and sibilante rumble. The "zerothreeseven" is in game!
All at once the noises are multiplied, sign that the cars in game now are more than one. More the car is approached, more the adrenalin goes up. Few minutes waiting and here it is appearing. It is white, with orange and green stripes and the TOTIP logo on the sides. The four hairpin curves are devored from the rear traction with a succession of derapates from handbook. In acceleration the engine rumbles and it whistles during the release. It is the volumetric compressor, true winning heart of the Turinese car, that makes it unmistakable to the expert ear. It passes in front of us and in a moment disappears from our sight, still leaving for few moments the fantastic sound of the VOLUMEX. It is CARLO CAPONE to open the dances in a victorious second leg of 6th RALLY della LANA. The situation at the distance of one minute repeats with protagonist a "certain" MIKY BIASION. Then it is the game of FRANCO CUNICO and, to end, of the team companion FABRIZIO TABATON. Everyone with his driving style, everyone with a different foot, but all with a common denominator.


Returning home the feeling, in the eyes of a child, is the one of being able a day to see, to touch and also to even drive one of those fantastic racing-cars.
After that unforgettable experience, we have still had the way to see a "zerothreeseven", but without doubt it was that one the moment that more impressed our memories. We think we are lucky now to describe this episode because of that morning we kept also the images. Today, after twenty years, we have decided to search all the things tied to this magical car. We strongly wanted and searched every detail, every anecdote, every particular. Our intention is, first of all, to reconstruct the scene in which the 037 raced, from 1982 to 1986 that is the fantastic period of the groups B, made of great rally cars and great drivers. We tried to understand how and why the project was developed and how it was possible to make this car to win. With the aid of friends and passionates, we searched, photographed, and tested a 037 both in road version and in racing version, trying to describe qualities and defects. We tried to reconstruct all what gravitated around the 037: from the curriculum of the drivers that made 037 to win, to the tuners who took care of it, to the teams that strategically led it towards every goal.
We tried to reconstruct the historical registry of the 262 cars produced both in road version and in racing version, surely incomplete but with the intention to complete it in all parts. Finally, with a remarkable effort and hundred of hours spent in search, we constructed a database with all the races where a 037 participated, the pertinent result, the crew, the team and some anecdote on the event, everything completed by a lot of images, some of our property, others from friends and passionates, other taken in the vastness of the web. Only the images can make clear what it was and what it is 037 for us. And furthermore sounds, statistics, designs and all what there is to know about the Turinese sedan. We strongly believe in what we constructed and we dedicate our pages first of all to the people who, for the joy of us, children at the edges of a special stage, were true protagonists on a 037. We are sure that also to them, turning over the pages of this album, will appear memories, feelings, joy and pains for a car that is no more in game but that occupies a great place in our hearts.
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