.:: Tonino Tognana: 1982 Italian Rally Champion ::.

TONINO TOGNANA, a driver of high technics and speed qualities, begins his rally career in 1975 on board of a OPEL ASCONA. The following year he dirives before an OPEL KADETT 1.9 and then an analogous 2.0 group 1. In 1978, thanks to the speed qualities he demonstrated with such little performance cars, he becomes an OPEL ITALY half-official driver. In 1979, under the guide of the "wizard" VIRGILIO CONRERO, tuner of a great OPEL KADETT group 1, he begins to obtain the first prestigious results, arriving at the second place end in the Italian Championship, at the shoulders of PRESOTTO, thanks also to a third place end at the Rally del GARGANO and to an eighth place end at the RALLY di SANREMO.
At the end of the season, TOGNANA is contacted from the managers of the FIAT Race Department Mr. FIORIO and Mr. AUDETTO to dispute the RALLY of PIANCAVALLO with a FIAT 131 ABARTH of the JOLLY CLUB. This important proposal is not refused from TOGNANA and is repaid with the final win of the competition. In 1980, always with FIAT 131 and always with the colors of JOLLY CLUB, TOGNANA disputes a great season. The best results are a second place end in the RALLY of ELBA, a third place end in Forlì and a second one at the LIBURNA rally. The third absolute place in the Italian championship becomes a guarantee in order to remain official FIAT driver also in 1981 when, with a Fiat 131 ABARTH with OLIO FIAT colors, he is third at the RALLY della LANA and third in Forlì.
In 1982 he is consacrated as Italian Rally Champion. The occasion to dispute a great season arrives from the Patron of the JOLLY CLUB ROBERTO ANGIOLINI. The car is a FERRARI 308 GTB, an unusual car for rallies but of large potentialities and extremely reliable. This car, in the hands of the tuner MICHELOTTO, and also thanks to the support of the Ferrari company, becomes a deadly weapon. TOGNANA, on board of the sedan from Maranello, wins the TARGA FLORIO, the CIOCCO and the PIANCAVALLO rallies while he unfortunately retires from the RALLY della LANA when he is practically to the goal and on the higher step of the podium. In the same year at the end of the season, TOGNANA makes his debut on the LANCIA RALLY 037 at the RALLY di AOSTA, where he concludes a memorable season rich of satisfactions at the third place end.
In 1983, reluctantly abandoned the FERRARI 308 GTB, TOGNANA becomes a LANCIA 037 test-driver for the JOLLY CLUB and it gains the RALLY HALKIDIKIS and concludes the PRINCE de ASTURIAS in Spain at the second place end. In 1984 he ends his agonistic career in order to take care full-time of the direction of the family company, manufacturer of ceramics and chinas. TONINO TOGNANA today is a Gentlemen Driver of historical cars. He must be above all remembered to have obtained big results in rallies with the FERRARI, car of great prestige and myth in track but little used for the rally races. TOGNANA with character and determination has been able to get the best from the car of the Cavallino, thanks also to the technical support of a great tuner like MICHELOTTO and to a team, the JOLLY CLUB, always leader in RALLIES. Today the 308 GTB with colors PANASONIC is of property of Tonino TOGNANA and can be admired in some meeting or historical cars kermesse, where the fast italian driver still manage to give the maximum, exciting the public with performances of other times.

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