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GIUSEPPE VOLTA impassioned mechanic, careful, refined, meticulous and precise tuner, begins his activity at the end of the years '60. The first approach with the competition-engines happens on elaborated cars in the Big Tourism category. Up to 1969, he works for OSELLA where he deals with true competition cars, prepared on purpose to race. In 1970 he begins his own activity becoming CHEVRON concessionary. His attentions in this period move toward the cars in the Sport and Prototypes category up to half years '70. The approach with the rallies happens toward the end of the years '70, when he begins to collaborate with ABARTH for the engine check of the official Fiat 131. He realizes soon the difference between the rallies and the competitions: rallies develop on binding funds, sometimes dirty of earth, of snow or mud and when the car returns in box for the most part shows the signs of the battle. VOLTA is aware of this, but the passion and the care to bring a car to the best of efficiency, to be able to face next competition, go well over the difficulties of the work.
We are at the beginnings of the years '80. Fiat 131 dominated the season showing, after the STRATOS era, that the Fiat Group is the team to fight, the point of reference for the teams engaged in the rallies. With the end of the groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 and the advent of the new regulations, also for VOLTA the way of conceiving the preparation of rally cars changes. With the FIAT 131 and more in general on groups 4 there was a lot of freedom in the elaboration while, in the new groups B, everything becomes more difficult. To realize a winning car it is necessary to have the correct exchanges available, together with a big experience about engines. Without these ingredients it is not possible to win. VOLTA, thanks also to the collaboration with ABARTH, serious Company with many true professionals, has been able to reach an important place in the rallies world thanks to his affirmations. In 1982 the LANCIA RALLY 037, agile, compact, fast and reliable car, a new conception of the group B debuts.
A car conceived to race thought, projected and built to make simple each substitution or mechanical intervention. The Turinese tuner in few years managed to build around the Turinese sport car an endless series of successes, that brought him to be one among the more affirmed tuner in the world of rallies. VOLTA is engaged by the TEAM EMINENCE, a team very near to the official ABARTH, for the management of a car completely similar to the one that races in the World Championship with the colors of MARTINI RACING. A choice not surely casual, but due to the certainty to have a serious and prepared professional. Parallelly VOLTA will also deal with cars brought in competition by privates in the small rallies. It is the case of JOSY BARBERO, gentleman Turinese driver who won with the 037, in 1983, the RALLY TEAM '971, the RALLY of CARMAGNOLA and was second in the Italian Cup only for few points from the winner, REMO CELESIA, also on a LANCIA 037. These successes derive also from a collaboration of careful and experienced mechanics that, with technique and passion, have always been able during the competitions to set performing cars like, for instance, during the RALLY TEAM '971, when they were able to replace the gear box of the 037 of BARBERO in 18 minutes on 20 of pause, so allowing to the Turinese driver to win the race.
In the following three years, from 1984 to 1987, the 037 of VOLTA dominated on the whole peninsula, and not only. Many drivers have been able to drive and win with cars practically identical to the official one. Among them we remember FRANCO CUNICO, second in the 1984 OPEN Championship, "TONY", unforgettable driver of the years '70 winning of the TARGA FLORIO, CAPPELLINO, true dominator in the First Zone. And then SERENA, BORETTI, EGIZII, BELTRANDI, winning in the Second zone, LAMPO, RUNFOLA, MARTINELLI, the Swiss BALMER and many others. The activity of VOLTA, after the abolition of the groups B, continues first with the LANCIA DELTA INTEGRALE and then with cars like the Ford SIERRA COSWORTH and the BMW M3. Today VOLTA, after 20 years, is no more present in competitions. The BIANCONERO symbol with the tricolor, that distinguished his creatures is only visible during some meetings of old glories. Anyway we want to remember a great tuner, first impassioned than mechanic, that with his experience, ability and humility, has been able to find for himself a place under the sun interpreting in the best way the technique, the mechanics and the style of a wonderful car like LANCIA 037.

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