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1982 is, without doubt, a very important year for the rally history. Reasons are many. The old groups 1, 2, 3 and 4, represented in the years '70 and '80 by glorious cars like the LANCIA STRATOS, the FIAT 131 ABARTH, the RENAULT ALPINE, the PORSCHE CARRERA and others, definitely disappear from the rally stage leaving the place to the new groups N, A and B. Group N, present still today, represents that category of Tourism series cars derived by models built in at least 5000 samples in the year, and for which changes to the original characteristics are not allowed. In other words, cars that the consumer habitually uses in his own daily demands but with due safety technical shrewdness (roll bar, anatomical seats, extinguisher, etc.).
On the contrary the group A, in comparison to the group N, grants the possibility to elaborate the car in a more detailed way, however without the addition of materials that are not conform to the original car. The group B represents finally the true novelty for the Car Companies which can create true competition prototypes after having had the homologation with only 200 units built. In this category go the so-called "monstres" cars that, during the years, have known how to reach big power performances. In 1986, year of the last apparition on the stage, some cars like the LANCIA DELTA S4, the PEUGEOT 205 T16 and the AUDI QUATTRO overcame abundantly the roof of the 500 bhp. This technological innovations have been made possible thanks to the intelligence, the experience and the imagination of the technicians which, using composite materials for the chassis and for the mechanical parts, have known how to develop technical solutions that still today are at the basis of the construction of a winning car. We are speaking, particularly of the turbo and of the 4WD traction.

Of everything this the technicians of the AUDI are the promoters. In 1982, in fact, the German house introduces to the world championship a new car, a little bit bulky, but with a great potential: the AUDI QUATTRO. This car with three formidable drivers like HANNU MIKKOLA, STIG BLONQVIST and the superb MICHEL MOUTON, the only woman of the history to have won a competition of the World Championship, awarded immediately the title thanks to the victories gotten in SWEDEN, PORTUGAL, GREECE, BRAZIL, FINLAND and ITALY while the Driver Championship it is of WALTER ROEHRL, OPEL driver of great talent and experience. Always an OPEL, the ASCONA 400, awarded the European title thanks to the dominion of TONY FASSINA, symbol of the Italian rally of the years '70 together with MUNARI.
A new star comes out however for the first time on the stage. Its name is LANCIA RALLY 037 and its drivers are ATTILIO BETTEGA and MARKKU ALEN. The debut happens at the CORSICA RALLY. During the first stage BETTEGA succeeds, even though for short time, to occupy the second position, against every prognostication for AUDI and OPEL. Then, in the second stage, the accident. The car nr 1, to face a back, hit violently a rock with the anterior left part. The navigator, MAURIZIO PERISSINOT is unhurt while BETTEGA stays trapped inside the chassis for over half an hour with multiple fractures to both the femurs and to the left knee. The season is concluded. MARKKU ALEN, will end instead in 9th position showing that, despite errors of youth, the new Turinese car has a great potential. ALEN after a withdrawal in GREECE, for problems to the gear box and to the chassis, and in FINLAND and ITALY for the breakup of the engine, finally succeeds to reach the higher step of the podium. The PEACE NATIONAL RALLY 1982, English National competition, will be remembered for the 037 first victory, a success that, united to the fourth place of the RALLY RAC, always in England, let well hope for the following season. The appointment with the victory is only postponed.
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1st Walter Roehrl (GER) Opel Rothmans 109
2nd Michele Mouton (FRA) Audi Sport 97
3rd Hannu Mikkola (FIN) Audi Sport 70
4th Stig Blomqvist (SVE) Audi Sport 58
5th Per Eklund (SVE) Saab Team 57
6th Bijorn Waldegaard (SVE) Toyota Team 36
7th Henry Toivonen (FIN) Opel Rothmans 32

1st Audi 116
2nd Opel 104
3rd Datsun 57
4th Ford 55
5th Toyota 41
6th Renault 34
7th Porsche 28
8th Mitsubishi 28
9th Lancia 25
10th Talbot 24
BETTEGA-PERISSINOT - Tour de Corse 1982
Retired for hard accident - Photo M&R 1982

1st Antonio Fassina (ITA) Opel Ascona 400 446
2nd Jim McRae (SCO) Opel Ascona 400 368
3rd Andrea Zanussi (ITA) Fiat 131+Lancia 037 264
4th Guy Colsul (BEL) Opel Ascona 400 176
5th Marc Duez (BEL) Porsche 911 SC 172
6th Stig Blomqvist (SVE) Audi Quattro 160
7th Genito Ortiz (SPA) Renault R5 Turbo 160
8th Miky Biasion (ITA) Opel Ascona 400 152
9th Jean Luc Therier (FRA) Renault R5 Turbo 150
10th Antonio Zanini (SPA) Porsche 911+Talbot Lotus 147

1st Tognana-DeAntoni Ferrari 308 GTB Jolly Club 606
2nd Tabaton-Tedeschini Lancia Stratos - Lancia 037 Grifone - Martini Racing 572.5
3rd Biasion-Siviero Opel Ascona 400 Opel Italia Conrero 510

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