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Born to win. With these few words it is possible to describe, even though synthetically, the PEUGEOT 205 T16. After the positive debut, happened in the 1984 TOUR DE CORSE, despite some problems of youth it is immediately clear that the car of SOCHAUX would have become the queen of rallies. This thanks to some very innovative technical solutions for a rally car. Four cylinders engine of 1795 cc. and 350 bhp, supercharging through KKK turbocharging and integral traction are the winning characteristics of this jewel. Besides a great manageability thanks to the engine position, back-central, that allows a great stability and an excellent division of the weights.
The competitive season, even among thousand uncertainties because of disagreements among the AMC, Automobile Club Montecarlo, and the FISA, start at the best for the PEUGEOT. ARI VATANEN, Finnish driver of great talent, wins the RALLY of MONTECARLO destroying the AUDI team after having paid over 8 minutes at a time check. The second place of the German car, with the King WALTER ROEHRL, to 5'17'', tells the story of the great potential of the French car, that, fifteen days later, affirms itself in Sweden, and subsequently, with SALONEN, also in PORTUGAL, conquering important points for the World Championship.
In the next competition, the RALLY SAFARI, the TOYOTA imposes itself, a not performing car but very strong on the gravel and to whose drive there is a young man with grat hopes named JUHA KANKKUNEN. The LANCIA, that untill that moment has been silent, lines up three 037 for ALEN, BETTEGA and PRESTON. After an initial dominion, mechanical troubles deprive the Turinese team of the final success that however would not have paid a half season.

So we arrive to the TOUR de CORSE RALLY. The PEUGEOT lines up a new weapon, the 205 T16 EVO2, improved in the mechanics (450 bhp of power) and in the aerodynamics. Also for the RENAULT there is a new car: THE SUPERCINQUE MAXI TURBO. The AUDI, lines up an only car, so to concentrate all the energies on Walter ROEHRL. The LANCIA, finally, decided to do well on a congenial surface, the asphalt, lines up four 037 evolved for ALEN, BETTEGA, BIASION and ZANUSSI. Ready, go! The time of one stage to see ROHRL K.O. because of the brakes, that the competition consumes its tragedy. During the fourth stage, ZERUBIA, the LANCIA 037 of ATTILIO BETTEGA and MAURUZIO PERISSINOT, flies out of the road in fifth gear frontally centering a tree. ATTILIO dies, bringing with him the memory of a champion, sincere, genuine, able to astonish with a steering wheel in the hands like that time that, during the 1980 MONTECARLO, with a small Fiat RITMO, won the mythical stage of the COL DE TURINI (click!) against drivers like ROEHRL, WALDEGAARD and DARNICHE. The rest doesn't count anymore. The PEUGEOT will win the World Championship for teams and drivers, also imposing itself in GREECE, NEW ZEALAND, ARGENTINIAN, FINLAND and IVORY COAST, while the RALLY RAC is to the appanage of the LANCIA triumphal at the debut with a new weapon: THE DELTA S4.
In the European Championship, contrarily to what happened in the World Championship, the LANCIA cars impose their law. In the final classification we count seven 037 on 10 cars, to confirm that the Turinese car is not finished. The numerous competitions of the calendar have been won by the Italian drivers, starting from the first classified, DARIO CERRATO, winning in COSTA SMERALDA, ELBA, BULGARIA and TARGA FLORIO; MIKY BIASION, first in SPAIN at the COSTA BRAVA and COSTA BLANCA; MAURO PREGLIASCO winning in CYPRUS; ANDREA ZANUSSI winning in ANTIBES; MASSIMO ERCOLANI winning in SAN MARINO and, finally, FABRIZIO TABATON winning in MADEIRA. For the main driver of the GRIFONE ESSO, besides, thanks to the home successes, arrived also the Italian CIR title, to end a season rich of satisfactions.
To conclude, speaking of national rally, it is necessary to say that in the Italy Cup, divided in the 7 zones, despite the constant victories of drivers with the LANCIA 037 like CAPPELLINO, etc., the groups B have not been admitted to the final classification from not clear and foolish rules and therefore, despite their also economic efforts, nobody has been able to obtain the deserved laurel.
The season 1985, therefore, is at the end. A only half-satisfactory season for the italian team, not to say black if we think about the loss of a TRUE CHAMPION like ATTILIO BETTEGA. 1986 will be a year of revenge in a sport where the exasperated technology is always more affirming towards the abilities of the man.
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1st Timo Salonen (FIN) Peugeot Sport 127
2nd Stig Blomqvist (SVE) Audi Sport 75
3rd Walter Roehrl (GER) Audi Sport 59
4th Ari Vatanen (FIN) Peugeot Sport 55
5th Juha Kankkunen (FIN) Team Toyota 48
6th Henry Toivonen (FIN) Lancia Martini 48
7th Markku Alen (FIN) Lancia Martini 37
8th Bijorn Waldegaard (SVE) Team Toyota 34
8th Mike Kirkland (ING) Team Nissan 26
10th Miky-Biasion (ITA) Lancia Martini/Totip 23

1st Peugeot 142
2nd Audi 126
3rd Lancia 70
4th Nissan 56
5th Toyota 44
6th Renault 38
7th Volkswagen 29
8th Opel 25
8th Porsche 24
10th Mazda 22
Official debut LANCIA DELTA S4
Rally 1000 Pistes 1985
Photo M&R 1985

1st Dario Cerrato (ITA) Lancia Rally 037 409
2nd Tabrizio Tabaton (ITA) Lancia Rally 037 264
3rd Salvador Servia (SPA) Lancia Rally 037 261
4th Andrea Zanussi (ITA) Lancia Rally 037 250
5th Mauro Pregliasco (ITA) Lancia Rally 037 250
6th Miky Biasion (ITA) Lancia Rally 037 245
7th Harald Demuth (AUT) Audi Quattro 221
8th Patrick Snijers (BEL) Lancia Rally 037 190
8th Bernard Beguin (FRA) Porsche 911 RS 188
10th Russel Brookes (ING) Opel Manta 400 186

1st Tabaton-Tedeschini Lancia Rally 037 Grifone Esso 268
2nd Cerrato-Cerri Lancia Rally 037 Jolly Club Totip 192
3rd Bentivogli-Evangelisti Audi 80 Quattro Audi Italia 103
4th Delzoppo-Tognana Peugeot 205 T16 EVO.1 Peugeot Italia 101
5th Chiti-Montenesi Fiat Ritmo Abarth Jolly Club Totip 86

1st Cerrato-Cerri Lancia Rally 037 Jolly Club Totip 272
2nd Tabaton-Tedeschini Lancia Rally 037 Grifone Esso 156
3rd Biasion-Siviero Lancia Rally 037 Jolly Club Totip 84
4th Roehrl-Geistdorfer Audi Quattro Sport S1 Audi Team 80
5th Bettega-Perissinot Lancia Rally 037 Martini Racing 60

1st Runfola-Poli Lancia Rally 037 90
2nd Manasia-Nodaro Opel Kadett GT/E 70
3rd Barchiesi-Parisi Opel Kadett GSI 55
4th Diana-Lucente Opel Ascona 400 43
5th Tabaton-Tedeschini Lancia Rally 037 40

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