.:: LANCIA RALLY "037": A real race car ::.

Introduced at the Turin Motor Show in 1982, the LANCIA RALLY 037 is a light and powerful touring-car, studied in collaboration with LANCIA races department, ABARTH and PININFARINA study center. Planned for a high level employment in the rallies, it has been realized in a series of 200 samples, in order to obtain the homologation in the group B, the maximum rally category where cars purposely elaborated raced and, in any case, derived from production-model cars.
The industrialization of the plan was completely followed from the PININFARINA, while the mechanics from LANCIA. The "RALLY" that, already at the origin adopts typically racing solutions, longitudinally, in central position, has a two liters engine, four cylinders, sixteen valves, twin-cam with ABARTH lobes Volumex compressor, able to generate beyond 205 bhp and 23 Kgm of max torque at 5000 rpm. This car, available only in red color, is easily able to exceede the 220 Km/h and to obtain this speed in few more than 20 seconds with a burning acceleration. In 1983 the price of this Italian technology jewel for the public was of Liras 45.630.000 (Euros 23.566,-). Today, to have one of them, clearly already used, it is necessary at least the double. The car, of pleasant aspect, has been extremely well produced considering the limits of the strict group B rules. Furthermore, we must also take note of the mainly rally employment for which it has been planned: the position of the engine, in the center of the car, and the compactness of the chassis makes the "RALLY" habitable only for two persons. Surely a car not for daily use.

The feeling, inside the cockpit, is to find yourself on a true race car. The red scorpion, in the center of the steering-wheel, inform us that our car is really "biting". The drive position is correct, although the pedals are a bit out of axis. The seat is wrapping and adjustable in height. The driving controls are all easy to reach, above all the short gear lever and the handbrake; furthermore the instrumentation is really complete and very legible with speedometer and revolution counter in the center of the dashboard and a series of analogic instruments to keep everything under control. Optimal the frontal visibility, insufficient the posterior one because of the inclined rear window that becomes nonexistent if you mount the showy fibreglass rear spoiler.
A key-turn and the powerful four cylinders is put into motion. The noise inside the cockpit is remarkable because the engine is pratically inside of it. The clutch, dry single disc with reinforced springs typical of race cars, needs a moderate effort on the pedal. Ready, go!! The gearbox, five gears ZF type with a 25% self-locking differential-gear, is precise, well maneuverable and with drawn near gears. The gearbox, having strongly sporting characteristics, needs a big familiarity, above all in order to arrive to fast and sudden changes, thing that sometimes may be difficult and not comfortable.

The acceleration is burning. Less than 6 second are necessary to pass from 0 to 100 km/h and few more than 20 to double the speed. The steering is precise and direct. It grants fast rushes in bends with sufficiently contained reactions, ready resettings out of bend and easy fast corrections for eventual power oversteers. The "RALLY" also in difficult conditions offers a total control sensation. In bends it is quite neutral and demonstrates remarkable roadability qualities; also suddenly releasing the gas pedal, you don't have dangerous skids of the car body. If you try a more sporting drive, thing this that requests a sure drive sensibility, the "RALLY" does not reserve particular difficulties. It doesn't have unexpected reactions and maintains a sure behavior thanks also to the rigid suspension system, composed from four adjustable BILSTEIN gas shocks-absorbers single on front and double on back, from a stabilizer bars system and from the powerful 16" PIRELLI P7 tyres. At the entrance in bend it lightly oversteers while outside the bend it becomes understeering: a behavior that may be easily controlled from the driver, "playing" with the steering and the accelerator pedal.
The brakes, good for this kind of performances, are very powerful. The system, with four self-ventilating discs, let block correctly and in enough short spaces the car without particular balance lacks and with a not big effort on the pedal. This thanks to the use of two vacuum servos, one for circuit. Finally the burn-out of fuel, clearly in relation with the kind of car. The two liters with Volumex compressor engine has a burn-out proportioned to the power. This means that it is acceptable only at the low and medium speeds. If you use all the powerful performances of the engine, the burn-out remarkablly increases and it covers to the maximum 6-7 Km/liter.

.:: Test results ::.

SPEED (Km/h) TIME (sec)
0 - 40 2.2
0 - 60 3.2
0 - 80 4.7
0 - 100 6.0
0 - 120 8.5
0 - 140 11.0
0 - 160 15.5
0 - 180 20.2
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60 17.0
80 32.0
100 46.5
120 67.5
140 91.8
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  • Car weight: 1250 kg more-less
  • Fuel in tank: 50 lt more-less
  • External temperature: 21C
  • Relative umidity: 95%
  • Surface: dry asphalt
  • .:: MAXIMUM SPEED .::
  • Declared: 220 Km/h
  • Real: 228,300 Km/h
  • Time: 27.0 sec
  • Speed after 1 Km: 199.0 Km/h
  • Tempo impiegato : 15.0 sec
  • Velocità in uscita : 158.5 Km/h
  • .:: ACCELERATION IN 1 Km FROM 50 Km/h IN 5th GEAR ::.
  • Time: 29.0 sec
  • Speed after 1 Km: 183.5 Km/h
  • .:: BURN-OUT FUEL ::.
  • Declared at 90 Km/h: 8.0 lt/100Km
  • Test result at 90 Km/h: 7.5 lt/100Km
  • Declared at 100 Km/h: 10.9 lt/100Km
  • Test result at 100 Km/h: 8.5 lt/100Km

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